Public liability insurance

Suffolk Libraries Public Liability Insurance policy has been extended to cover the activities of all member groups.

Public liability insurance provides cover in the event that the negligence of a person or organisation results in injury to someone or damage to their property, and the ‘victim’ pursues a claim against them. So, for example, if a member group held a quiz night and used a PA system that was plugged in with the power cable laying on the floor, if someone tripped over it, sustained injuries and decided to pursue a claim against the group, the Suffolk Libraries Public Liability insurance policy would provide cover. (Of course, most risks – such as this – should be identified and eliminated at the risk assessment stage!)

Note that the insurance only covers the liability of Suffolk Libraries and their member groups. It doesn’t cover the liability of other people or organisations. If you were to hold an event or activity where other organisations were present and providing some kind of service, they should all have their own public liability insurance policy in place. It is good practice to ask them to provide evidence of this, particularly if they are providing something that could be perceived as a high-risk service. A good example of this would be a company running bouncy castle at a fun day.

Groups may encounter situations where they are asked to provide evidence of their public liability insurance in which case, you can produce a copy of this letter.

If you have any questions about public liability insurance, please contact us.