Tell us how you’ve helped your library! At the community group meetings in July, it was suggested that we collate information from friends groups about the ways they have raised money for their library, and the things that they have spent this money on. If every group replies to this survey, it will hopefully give us:

1) a lengthy list of fundraising activities / initiatives, which we can share with all groups, giving people ideas for new things they could try.

2) a lengthy list of the many things that friends groups have spent money on in their library, which we can use to highlight the significant impact that groups have had on libraries over the last ten years.

You can access the form by clicking here. Your help in completing this form would be much appreciated.

Information on bank accounts for community and voluntary organisations. Some groups have expressed concern to us that their bank has recently introduced charges for use of their account. You can find information at this link on banking options for community groups which will hopefully be of use, and may help you to find a bank that will not impose changes. https://www.resourcecentre.org.uk/information/bank-accounts-for-community-and-voluntary-organisations/

Promotional postcards for attracting new volunteers. If your group is struggling for volunteers – including trustees – we can provide you with a batch of postcards, specially designed by our graphic designer Kerry, to help you attract new people. You can find an example of the postcard design here. If you would like a batch of these for your library, please email daniel.harvey@suffolklibraries.co.uk and we will sort that out for you.

Zoom account available for member groups to use. We have set up two Zoom accounts for library community groups to ‘book’ so that they can hold online meetings. You can set up your own Zoom account for free, but you will be limited to meetings of 40 minutes duration. We have paid for upgraded accounts that don’t have this limit. If you want to book one, please email daniel.harvey@suffolklibraries.co.uk with your meeting date. As long as one of the accounts is available, Daniel will email you back the login details so you can set up  your meeting.

Join our Suffolk Libraries Members Facebook page where you can connect with trustees of other member groups, share ideas and discuss challenges affecting groups . Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/suffolklibrariesmembers and click on ‘join’.